Hard working, happy people
read fiction and poetry.

The NeonLit Reading Series features writers from UNLV's Masters of Fine Arts program. Kathryn Kruse, a short fiction writer and community organizer began the monthly program in 2009. Since the beginning it has drawn standing room only crowds to downtown Las Vegas art galleries. The readings reflect the diverse student body and offer the opportunity to hear a wide variety of fiction and poetry.

Readers this month:
Don't miss our special March edition of the Neon Lit Reading Series at Writer's Block!

Readers this month:

  • Aurora Brackett
  • Shaun Christensen
  • Joleen Long
  • Peter Zilahy, BMI Fellow
  • Brittany Bronson, UNLV MFA Alum
  • ... and Richard Wiley, retiring UNLV Creative Writing faculty

Becky Robison will MC.

Where: The Writer's Block, 1020 Fremont St. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89101
When Friday, March 27. Doors open at 6:00pm, reading starts at 7:00pm.

A Map. You're Welcome.

Questions about our monthly reading series? Email neonlitunlv@gmail.com.

Neon Lit occurs on the last Friday of every month in The Writer's Block, which is located downtown on Fremont Street, across from Atomic Liquors. Doors open at 6pm and the reading begins at 7pm.

The Writer's Block
1020 Fremont St. #100

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What you missed while
you gambled your money away.

Neon Lit is thankful to have hosted so many wonderful writers. Please buy their books, give them your PHD, and hire them to teach at your school/hospital/prison.

Albin, Brock

Anzalone, Erica

Alessandrelli, Jeff

Armstrong, David

Baulmgardner, Mark

Belz, Aaron

Berger, Michael

Bettis, Christine

Bergeron, Mollie

Bosshart, Becky

Brackett, Aurora

Breitenbeck, Laura

Bronson, Brittany

Brown, James Joseph

Browning, Sommer

Burnside, Justin

Chapman, Maile

Chan, Marianne

Chavez, John

Christensen, Shaun

Clare, Olivia

Costello, Jaclyn

Crabtree, Jamison

Davis, Matt

Douglas, John

Durham, Jessica

Dudley, Joan

Earp, Jim

Kelly Elcock

Elder, Mary

Ely, Austin

Ernst, Regina

Einstman, Kristian

Finlayson, Brett

Kaz Gargano

Gillette, Colby

Gordon, Noah Eli

Harr, Sam

Henry, Danielle

Hernandez, Dan

Hinkle, Scott

Ho, Jean

Irizarry, Justin

Jagger, Bobby

Jilk, Leo

Joh, Eunai

Johnson, Bruce

Keelan, Claudia

Killmeyer, Dana

Kokernot, Sarah

Kollmer, Matthew

Kroesche, Michael

Kruse, Kathryn

Kryah, Joshua

Langdon, Joseph

Lennon, Mark

Leonard, Shaun

Long, Joleen

Martin, Mary Catharine

Marafioti, Oksana

Martinez, Juan

Mayo, Amy

McGilligan, Clancy

Merecicky, Andrew

Miller, Kayla

Moody, Trey

Morris, Ben

Motzkus, Emily

Moungey, Tim

Nicholson, Andy

Noftle, Kelli Anne

Nutting Alissa

O’Brien, Matt

O’Grady, Timothy

Oak, Elee

Oswald, Oscar

Paajanen, Julia

Perkins, Christopher

Poland, Maegan

Powers, Rosemary

Rao, Mani

Raworth, Tom

Revell, Don

Reynolds, Jordan

Richardson, Laurel

Robinson, Joan

Robison, Becky

Salsbury, Brett

Salter, Shannon

Samson, Samantha

Seelie, Christopher

Shahbaz, Haider

Siebels, Ashley

Solivan, Rene

Strauss, Adam

Sweatnam, Matt

Turiansky, Ariana

Tran, Vu

Tribe, Sean

Unger, Doug

Villalobos, Veronica

Villanueva, Michelle

Ware, Joshua

Weber, Denise

Wessels, Andrew

Wills, Jackson

Wyrick, Zach

Zarazua, Monica